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The Primary Practice


How can such a Realization occur? Only through the most profound devotional surrender to Avatar Adi Da Samraj. The Way of Realizing the "Bright" is the Way of constant turning to Him with all the faculties of the being — the mind, emotion, breath, and body.

This turning is true devotion, a relinquishment of ego. To persist in that turning means that you cannot avoid anything. All the contents of mind, emotion, the obstructions in the breath, and the knots in the body stand out more than ever.

But the practice is to give attention to Avatar Adi Da Samraj — not to struggle with anything that is arising in the body-mind.

The practice is simply to feel toward Him, to allow His "Brightness" to Attract you. In that surrender, you open the door to His Spiritual Blessing.

Your turning to Me and My Transmission of My own Spiritual Presence — My "Bright" Spiritual Transmission in response to you — these two together, that is Adidam.

Turning to Me is not consoling. It is a profound practice. It is not about being comfortable. It is about being profoundly uncomfortable, unable to be comfortable with the way things seem — unable to be distracted, unable to be just sort of pleasurized into a humming, whistling, mumming state.

The turning to Me I have Given to you will serve in the most difficult moment, as in the most ordinary moment. It will require the same thing of you in both occasions. It will be equally profound on both occasions, if you truly practice it.

When there is Realization of Me, that never ends. You cannot get away from it. The same with devotion to Me. It is moment to moment — never ends, you can't get away from it. The obligation is constant. The practice is constant.

To move Me to respond to you is the essence of that devotion. Come to Me in the Body. Move Me to Bless you.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 24, 2003

The Way, in practice, is not about relinquishing the body. It is about surrender as the body.

The means of Realization is the relationship to Me, whole bodily turning to Me, surrender as the body-mind, turning the faculties to Me, entering into Communion with Me on the basis of surrender as the body-mind.

On that basis, I am able to do My Blessing-Work of Transmitting the "Bright", Transmitting the Divine Self-Condition. And, in that surrendered disposition, the devotee becomes combined with My Self-Transmitted Person.

This becomes a more and more profound and developing process that (most ultimately) is characterized as Most Perfect Realization of the "Bright".

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 15, 2003

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the egoless Divine Reality Incarnate. He is not looking for the attention of beings as an ego-bound individual would. He has no karmas, nothing to bind Him to this domain except His Love for beings suffering here.

To turn to Him is to turn to, and receive, What is "Bright", Divine, and Perfectly Free.

This "Brightness" Speaks. The "Bright" is Born As This.

My Spiritual Descent upon the body-mind of My devotee is My Means. The "Thumbs" is My Means. All This was Given from the Birth of This. These Words — the "Bright" and the "Thumbs" — were Generated by Me as an infant.

I am Uttering to you the Revelation that was present at My Birth and in My Infancy, and nothing whatsoever has been added to It or taken away from It. Nothing in the human experience has modified It or limited It in the slightest. It is a Divine Spiritual matter, a Divine Spiritual Revelation for the sake of beings.

Recognize Me. Turn to Me. Receive Me. Constantly know Me. Then you are certain of the Truth I am Telling you.

My Revelation is not merely to be believed. It is to be received, experienced, entirely known, confirmed, proven, tangibly demonstrated.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 24, 2003

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